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David is built using in-house technologies and doesn't rely on external APIs such as OpenAI API.
What can you understand, David?
I can understand videos, images, audios, files, external links and text
I can describe videos, find timestamps, answer questions and build semantic graph of objects in the video
David, at what time can we see a red pickup with a man sitting on top of it?
I'd be happy to help you with that! In the video, you can see a red pickup with a man sitting in the back at the very beginning. The scene is only a few seconds long and starts at around the 00:00:02 mark. In this scene, the truck is parked on a brick street, and the man seems to be enjoying the ride or taking a break. There are also a few other people in the area, as well as a couple of bottles and a handbag visible in the scene. Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.
Captured frame with bounding boxes
Relevant timestamps
I can describe images, extract text, answer questions, detect objects and their locations and turn them into semantic graph
What can you see on this image?
Input image
I see an exhilarating scene unfolding on this image. Two luxurious sports cars, one being a Lamborghini and the other a Ferrari, are racing down a highway. The Lamborghini is currently in the lead, while the Ferrari follows closely behind. Other vehicles such as a truck and numerous cars are also present on the road. A figure is standing near the side of the road, seemingly engrossed in the spectacle.
Input image with bounding boxes
What is the patient's name, medication name and number of pills in the bottle?
Input image
The patient's name on the label is "MARY THOMAS." The medication name is "ATENOLOL 100 MG TABLET." The label indicates that there are "30" pills remaining in the bottle.
Input image with bounding boxes
I can understand speech, describe audio, find timestamps, answer questions about the audio and build semantic graph from audio
At what time does king Charles III speak about passing titles to Prince William?
King Charles III speaks about passing titles to Prince William between 00:02:13 and 00:02:36.
Relevant timestamps
What happened to the queen?
The recording is about the late Queen Elizabeth II and her deep affection for Scotland. The speaker, who is likely King Charles III, expresses his admiration for the Scottish people and their friendliness, wisdom, and guidance. He also mentions the Queen's pledge to serve her country and people, and her deep connection to Scotland. The recording does not provide specific information about the Queen's passing, but it is implied that the recording was made after her death.
Relevant timestamps
I can extract data from various files, describe them, summarize them, answer questions and build semantic graph from file
Who coined the term AGI?
The term "artificial general intelligence" was first used in a discussion about implications of fully automated military production and operations by Mark Gubrud in 1997. It was later re-introduced and popularized by Shane Legg and Ben Goertzel around 2002.
External links
I can extract data from external web pages, summarize them, answer questions and build semantic graph
What levels of AGI are proposed by DeepMind researchers?
DeepMind researchers propose five levels of AGI: emerging, competent, expert, virtuoso, and superhuman.
Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is a hypothetical AI system that could understand, learn, and apply knowledge across various tasks at a human-equivalent or superior level, with potential applications in healthcare, education, and productivity. However, AGI also poses significant risks, such as misalignment with human values, mass surveillance, and neglect of sentient machines' welfare. Debate surrounds the potential for AGIs to have harmful objectives, with some skeptics like Yann LeCun arguing against the likelihood of AGI domination, while others believe in instrumental convergence. Scholars concerned about existential risks advocate for research into the "control problem," ensuring AGIs continue to behave in a friendly manner post-superintelligence. Critics argue that the focus on AGI risks overshadowing other AI concerns, and that AGI is unlikely in the short term. Additionally, there are concerns about an AI arms race, weapon systems, mass unemployment, and the need for wealth redistribution. Elon Musk suggests a universal basic income as a solution. The text also highlights the potential for AGI to control robotized bodies and the importance of global cooperation to mitigate AGI risks.
What can you do, David?
I can manage your tasks, calendar and notes from task decomposition to notes visualization
Tasks and calendar
I can help you manage your reminders and tasks via chat or calendar view
I want to set reminder
Please specify a reminder's name and due date in the form on the right.
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Set reminder
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Task decomposition and estimate
I can automatically create subtasks for your task and prepare time estimate
create new task: prepare sales report
I made a subtask decomposition and estimated the time required to complete this task for your convenience. Please check it below.

(1) Gather sales data from various sources - 2 h
(2) Clean and preprocess sales data - 1 h
(3) Create sales report using reporting tool - 2 h
(4) Review and validate sales report - 1 h
(5) Format and design sales report - 1 h
(6) Distribute sales report to relevant stakeholders - 1 h
Total: 8 h.

And I categorized it into Work category. But due date is not specified. So please specify the date and I will add the task to your calendar. Please specify deadline in the form. I'd recommend May 15, 11:00 AM or later based on the estimate and other pending tasks.
Notes and docs visualization
I can create a second-brain graph view of all your content including notes and files
Task and reminder alerts
I can keep you focused and organized by tracking your calendar and task list
You have one upcoming task that risks to be overdue soon based on time estimate required to complete it. Maybe you already completed this task?

Please update its status and/or time estimate accordingly.

Prepare sales report (22116) is planned to be finished on May 15, 09:00 AM but is expected to be finished only by May 15, 05:00 PM now according to 8 hours estimate and other tasks
An overdue task is pending on your list. This is Prepare sales report (22116). Have you finished it? Update its status or adjust accordingly.
Automatic subtasks completion
Coming soon
I can decide which subtasks I can do in parallel and suggest my help
David, please add new task: get some ideas for Thanksgiving dinner and cook dishes
Got it, I made a brief subtask decomposition and estimated the time needed to complete the task for your convenience. Please see below.

(1) Research Thanksgiving dinner ideas online - 2 h
(2) Make a grocery list for required ingredients - 1 h
(3) Shop for ingredients at the grocery store - 2 h
(4) Prepare dishes according to recipes - 4 h
(5) Cook main dishes in the oven - 1.5 h
(6) Set the table and prepare serving dishes - 0.5 h
Total: 11 h.

I also put this task into Personal category. You only need to specify due date for this task and I will add it to your TODO. Please specify due date in the form. I'd suggest May 16, 08:00 PM or later based on time estimate and your other tasks.
Looks like I can try to help you with '(1) Research Thanksgiving dinner ideas online'. Do you want me to try and offer you my results for this subtask?
I can do many things that could be asked of me